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The digitized world of business calls for different management styles than those required in the past. An international study with over 1,000 executives conducted by metaBeratung and the IMD Business School illustrates the skills and modes of behavior a modern leader needs for being successful in the future.

The latest results of the study have been combined with Hogan’s scientifically valid assessments to create an innovative test. Use the “Agile Leader Assessment” to quickly and easily test your individual potential for Leadership 4.0

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Agile leaders are different

It will only take you 15 minutes to find out whether you are prepared for tomorrow’s leadership challenges. You’ll get a concise, intuitive evaluation that identifies your skills when it comes to being an agile leader. Specific and individual guidance helps you to further develop your areas of strengths and overcome possible weaknesses. After all, self-awareness is the first step towards further development.

Agile leaders are engaged, humble, visionary and adaptable

For a long time, skills such as emotional stability, prudence and assertiveness were important for successful leadership. However, rapid change and evolving technologies call for a rethinking. Even if prudence and assertiveness are certainly still important today, there is a different focus when it comes to successful leadership. Agility plays a big role – agile leadership is key. Agile leaders are characterized by the following skills:


In times of change, the things we don’t know are just as important as the things we do. Agile leaders accept that they don’t know everything. Being modest and humble means knowing that the current pace of change exceeds any leader’s knowledge and experience.


In a complex and volatile environment, being flexible is key. Agile leadership means not to be afraid of changing your opinion or the direction when external influences change. Agile leaders see adaptability as a strength, not as a weakness.


Being able to communicate a clear vision has always been an important leadership skill. Agile leaders look ahead rather than planning at short notice. They know that a clear vision can compensate for many minor changes in direction


Agile leadership means communicating more and more often with internal and external stakeholders than other leaders. Agile leaders listen and ask questions rather than talking themselves.

The “HAVE” model for identifying agile leaders

In addition to the four distinctive skills, there are three key modes of behavior that help agile leaders take successful action:

  • Hyper awareness: Agile leaders scan their internal and external environment for threats and opportunities.
  • Informed decision-making: They take advantage of all available information to make fact-based decisions.
  • Fast execution: Agile leaders place speed before perfection and “move” faster than non-agile leaders.

The agile difference

The study “Redefining Leadership for a Digital Age” shows that agile leaders offer skills and modes of behavior that clearly distinguish them from others when it comes to engagement and effective leadership. The study was conducted by metaBeratung and the Global Center for Digital Business Transformation of the IMD Business School in Lausanne in 2017.

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